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Witches Tool Kit Real Magick Tools & Rituals


Real Magick Witches Tool Kit – Tools & Rituals

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Witches Tool Kit Real Magick Tools & Rituals

Do I need to be a Witch to use this? The answer is “No”, as all of us are born with a sixth sense that enables us to make Magick happen. The difference is that while we are encouraged by our parents to see, hear, smell, taste and even talk, most of us are discouraged from fantasising, having conversations with imaginary friends and anticipating events in the future, which would otherwise be our first steps on the Magickal path. These powers are still latent within all of us and the Magickal tools in this Tool Kit are simply devices to enable you to find, direct and channel this Magickal energy, which is still within you. To get the most out of your Tool Kit follow the instructions carefully and suspend disbelief – the results will speak for themselves


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