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Protection Real Magick Spell Kit


Protection Real Magick Spell Kit with instructions for use

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Protection Real Magick Spell Kit. This is an authentic and very powerful Protection Spell and with this Spell Kit, you have made a major step towards securing Protection for yourself – or another – from accidents, harmful influences, and ill will. For the Spell to work, all you need is to have an open mind and to follow the instructions precisely and wholeheartedly. A Word to the Wise: It is in the nature of some to be foolhardy, without a care for their personal safety, and of others to be over-cautious, never taking a risk. Just as insurance companies will not insure participants in certain extreme sports, a successful Protection Spell may be very effective, but powerless to protect you if you act in a provocative or deliberately reckless way, actively courting disaster. You may perform this Spell to benefit another, but only after making sure that the recipient will be happy to receive the Protection Charm and understands the above condition


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