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Hengeband Spring Hare Anne Stokes Briar


Spring Hare Hengeband designed by Anne Stokes Briar. Worn as choker, headband, bracelet, garter

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Hengeband Spring Hare designed by Anne Stokes Briar.         

This Hengeband has the central jewellery piece with a black leather double braided adjustable cord to be worn across your forehead, as a choker, on your upper arm or as a garter.

The magic circle has been used for thousands of years to capture energy, form a holy space and provide magical protection.   Many mysteries, though, still wait to be discovered from the stone circles from pre-history that the many henges in the UK and Europe contain.

Hengebands are much more than just a fashion declaration.  They allow you to create in your mind’s eye a circle of energy around you and awareness of this circle will allow you to center yourself.  If you focus on the symbol on your forehead, you can channel the energy you wish to receive.


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